Michigan Marans

Breeding to a Higher Standard

Welcome to Michigan Marans!

At Michigan Marans, we have taken pride in the strides to improve the BCM line and hold then true to their French lineage.  We have been breeding and providing high quality Marans to families all across the country for several years now.  While our volume is low, our quality is high.  Although no breeder can promise Best of Breed offspring, few continually work to achieve the true standard of the breed as we do at Michigan Marans.

Rest assured these are some of the finest Black Copper Marans available. We hold them true to the French standards, including egg color, shank feathering, shank color, feather color, eye color and more.  Our operation is small and we only breed from the best stock we have.  


 **Updated May 5, 2016**

Chicks are sold out for the season.  If you would like hatching eggs, please click on the Web Store link.

Incubator Monitor Update: We have partnered with two technology providers and developed an incubator monitor that works with your smart phone. We are currently in Beta testing with two members on Backyard Chickens. If you would like to order this product in advanced, please use the Contact Us page.